How To Make an Attractive Instagram Bio

How To Make an Attractive Instagram Bio

How To Make an Attractive Instagram Bio.Instagram is a very popular social networking application nowadays. Sharing Photos, Reels, and videos are the main content of Instagram. Instagram keeps you updated about what is trending in the world. I personally like Instagram over other social media apps because it shares quick visual information with its users. Visual content is the best way to tell what you think about and what you want to say. With millions of daily active users, it is the best social media platform to engage with the audience. 

Now you don’t have to watch long videos because microblogging is more popular among people and Instagram facilitates you with this option. In this, you can upload small content like short sentences, images, short videos, or video links that convey the message on point. Users can edit their photos and videos on their mobile phones and upload them instantly.

You can share your thoughts and daily life activities with Instagram posts. You can add a caption to the posts and use hashtags and location-based geotags and make them searchable by other users within the app. If you don’t want to share your posts or daily activity with strangers then Instagram has the option to make your profile private and you can control who can see your posts.

As your content is important, Bio is equally important for any user. If your Bio is good it leaves an impactful first impression on other users. Our bio is the first thing that Instagram users see when they open your profile. It gives them brief details about who you are, what you like, and what your account is all about. So, it is important to carefully write your Bio in an interesting way. In this Guide, I will tell you some tips on how to make your Bio interesting. 

1. Profile Photo

The first thing you should do is select the best profile photo that relates to your page or account. You can add your company’s logo, a photo of your most popular products, or your personal photo that looks attractive in high resolution.

2. Name

The Instagram profile is the second most noticeable spot in your bio. It should have appeared in bold letters or you can write your name with a different font style that gives you uniqueness. You can also use symbols to create fancy text.

3. Include a Description

Within 150 characters you have to describe your profile page. You can consider adding: your job title, the company you own or work for, things you love, what you offer, and why people should follow you. 

Don’t forget to add the link to your business website or if it is your personal account then you should link your other social media platforms links in your profile. That increases your reach to the world. 

5.Contacts Information

Instagram Business Accounts give you more space in their Instagram bio by allotting separate spaces for the location, address, and email address. When you enter your email address it would generate a separate email button on your profile.

6.Story Highlights

Story highlights are a feature that draws attention. You should utilize this feature in a unique way like highlighting a particular place, topic, and anything with your stories. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours but through story highlights, you can maximize the duration of your story, and the people who didn’t see your stories can always see your highlighted stories with just one click.

These are the things and steps that you need to follow to create a perfect Instagram Bio but if you want something more special then you can also follow these tips.


You can add a tagline that defines your account in a simple way. Write down a few words and explain yourself or your work.

You can also use a summary of your business or add your business’s mission statement in the Instagram bio.

Moderate Bio

Make your Instagram bio as simple as possible. Just give the information as much as an individual needs to identify you and your page, and what is it all about.

If a visitor wants to know more about you and your business, they eventually scroll through your Instagram post and find out what you do and even visit your website through given links

Link the other social media accounts

You should link your other social media accounts to widen your reach as much as possible. This also keeps your bio short and to the point.

Linking your Instagram account with other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat would allow your followers to find out more about you and your business and they may also follow you on those social media platforms. 

Hashtags in the Instagram bio are clickable. You can use hashtags for your company brand or you can use them to get more likes and followers. People can find out your profile page using hashtags and that creates more traffic on your Instagram page.


You can use emojis to express yourself and your profile page. It tells the personality of your business and conveys the message of what you are doing. You can also use emojis as replacements for certain words. Overall, emojis make Instagram bios appear more exciting.

Add line breaks

Adding line breaks to your Instagram bio helps visitors to read the longer content easily. You can use symbols between the spaces to make them look more attractive. You can simply type the symbol you want to use for a line break and then add text after it.

Include a call to action button

With a call to action button, you tell them what they should do next when they visit your profile. You can redirect a visitor to your location, to your email, or to your mobile number. It’s very important for you to know that without a proper call to action, a visitor may lose because they don’t know how to connect with you or buy your products and services.

Here are some examples of Attractive Instagram Bio Ideas that you can follow

Bio for Personal

You can keep it simple and short with a funny touch

Bio for Business

First, you should convert your account into the Business Account

Bio for Small Business
Bio for Shops
Bio for Fitness Enthusiast or Coach/Trainer
Instagram Bio for Joint Account or Couple
Instagram Bio for Food Blogger
Instagram Bio for Fashion Blogger
Instagram Short Bio
Instagram Funny Bio


My conclusion is that you can create your Instagram bio with your own creativity. You can see others’ profiles for hints and then add something special that others don’t have, which gives you uniqueness. Your profile picture and your name is the first thing a user can see. So, you should make them in a unique way to easy noticeable.