Today’s Instagram is the most used social media site around the globe. Instagram has 2 Billion+ active users around the world. On Instagram, you can share photos, reels, and videos. You can also share stories and highlight them to tell about yourself or any particular topics. 


Instagram provides visual content which is the most effective way to present yourself like what you do. What do you want to say? Etc. Instagram equipped you with microblogging which helps you to speak on point without any unnecessary information.


You don’t have to post long videos to give any information or convey any message. You can share small content which is to the point and effectively convey your message to the audience. This method also improves your engagement with your audience. 


Instagram helps you to make money because it has over 2 billion users you can engage with. You can showcase your product or brand with a large audience and increase traffic and sales on your account. 


Instagram Monetization

Instagram Monetization is a process in which you can generate money through your Instagram account. It helps you to earn money through affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and many other methods.


An Instagram user can create sponsored posts like photos, videos, reels, and links. They can also use hashtags, mentions IG IDs, or Links to promote your product or brands. In exchange, the brands will pay you for your services. 

It looks like a piece of cake to monetize your Instagram account but there are lots of things that you should know about.

In my opinion, you should have at least 10k followers on your Instagram page before going to monetization because a large audience gives you a large number of engagement. You can sell your product or services to a large number of groups. For example, if you have an engagement rate of 3% then you will reach out to 300 Instagram user accounts. 

If your engagement rate is good even with less number of followers then you can also go ahead with monetizing and make some really good money with it. Now, the first thing you should do is change your Instagram settings.

Instagram Settings You Need To Be Done For Monetize your Account


There are some other things to be considered before moving ahead. Things you need to understand which help you out in making money easily.

If your engagement rate is good even with less number of followers then you can also go ahead with monetizing and make some really good money with it. Now, the first thing you should do is change your Instagram settings.


Why Instagram pay you? What do you have that Instagram gives you money for that?

Well, the answer is you have an audience, you have followers, who daily see your post, videos, and stories. When you sponsored content you give them exposure to your audience to increase their sales.

Brands are always searching for influencers with a large number of audiences or followers so they can promote their products and services through them.

If you have a less audience they will get less engagement but if you have a large number of followers then the brand gets more exposure to the audience.


You have to influence your audience to purchase the products that you are showing them. You can use them personally and gives a review on them. These things create interest in the product and people will consider it to buy. 

When you collab with a brand, you can share photos, videos, stories, share discount coupon codes to draw attention towards the brand and these things eventually help in increasing the sales of that brand.

Engaged followers

You have a large audience and the chances of interaction with the brand you promoting are very high but will they engage with what you are promoting? If no one is seeing your post then there is no means to whatever you promote. Your large audience goes in vain if no one is like, shares, or follows what you promote. 

A person who has a less number of audience but engages with most of his followers and the chance of making money is very high. To increase the engagement you have to analyze your audience, create content that solves certain problems of your audience, and see what people like most, where they comment most, and what posts they shares. Etc.

If you have engaged followers then brands also want to collabs with you for sponsored posts because they know you can drive more traffic to their website and increase their sales.

Your setting is done and all set, you know the pinpoints but how can you use them? How can you earn money with Instagram? Well, we have different methods that you can use to make money.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the brand promotion and endorsement of products and services done by people or companies. As I said if you have 10k followers and a good engagement rate then becoming an influencer marketer is the best option for you. 

When someone wants to collab with you and wants to promote their brand or product then your followers will see it and get to know about the product. Many people who find that product or services users will purchase it from their sites. Because you got a high number of followers there is a chance that large numbers of audiences going to interact with that product and create more traffic and sales on their sites.

People love products and services more when you tested these out and use them personally. You should give them your original feedback on how much you like these products, and how to use them, and tell them their pros and cons. These things create interest in the products.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing a creator can earn money through commission when a sale is made through the unique affiliate link that is given by them. You can share product purchase links in your feed posts, stories, or in your bio.

If you have a large number of followers on social media then affiliate marketing is also a very good opportunity to earn money. You don’t need a large number of followers, you just need genuine and quality followers that give you good conversion.

You can inform your followers about the product or services and influence them to purchase the product using your code or link. Every sale that is made through your code or link gives you some percentage of the sales.

E-Commerce with Instagram

Instagram Shopping is the feature that offers you to sell your products and services to your potential customers. You can share the details of your product through your posts, stories, highlights, hashtags, geotags,  ad campaigns, etc.

With the help of these methods Instagram shopping makes your product discoverable in search and helps users to find the right place to shop.

Instagram is a visual content-based platform so you can easily explain your product and services to the users. It is the best way to introduce yourself so that people can relate to your brand easily. You can use product tags to give details about the product to shoppers. They can tap on these tags and see all the details. You can run an ad campaign to increase your reach and your sales. 

Customers can easily check out your products and purchase them if they are interested. They are just one click away.

Instagram Video Ad

You can create a video to promote a brand and give all the information that explains everything about the product in the video. You can demonstrate a product or even give a customer testimonial. You can access this feature from your account profile and upload videos easily. You can also edit your videos within the app. Instagram gives an IGTV option where you can upload videos that are between 15 seconds to 10 minutes in duration. The duration limit can be increased if you have a verified account and you have a lot of followers – it can be extended to 1 Hour.

IGTV allows people to advertise their brand in your video content. These ads can appear during recommended breaks on Instagram or can be customized by you. Instagram also gives different ways to put these ads in your IGTV content.

Live Badges

If you are doing live streaming on Instagram then you can use badges. Your viewers can buy a badge during the live streaming. When they buy a badge during a live video streaming, a heart icon appears next to your name in the comments and remains there during that live session.

There are three levels of hearts that each have a different price point (one for $0.99, two for $1.99, or 3 for $4.99.). This feature shows how much your followers support you.

Make sure to thank those who purchase those badges and mention them to your audience. To use badges, go to the Professional dashboard and click on the badge tab and turn it on. Then you have to set up a direct deposit payment account via your bank and then you can Go Live.

Consultant or Coach

If you have a lot of followers, have the knowledge, and know how to use Instagram and make money then why should not teach them? You can teach them how to get more profit through Instagram and believe me people are very interested to get information and willing to pay the money. You can help by guiding them and give every information they need to know.

Teaching people what you know is a very profitable way to earn money. Whether you are a food blogger, travel blogger, gym trainer, yoga trainer, chef, or marketing consultant. If you have in-depth knowledge and you are active in your field then it is the best possible way to earn money. People are very interested to learn from experts because they want everything to solve their questions.

Information can be an e-book, one-off payment programs, subscriptions, or audio or video courses. If you have in-depth knowledge and skills then you can explain things to your consumer in the easy and best possible way.

Advertising your Brand

You can advertise your brand with the help of Instagram. It is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. It has over 2 billion users which gives your brand a wider reach than you can ever imagine. You can generate a lot of traffics and increase the sales of your brand with Instagram advertising. The more followers you have the more engagement you will get. 

To promote your product you can share photos, reels, videos, hashtags, or website Links to promote your product and the services of your brand. You can also share stories and highlight them to tell about your brand. If your brand delivers good quality products and services then, it will gain more and more followers over a period of time and reach out to a large number of people.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. You have to learn everything that how can you utilize Instagram to make money because it’s worth it.

Over a period of time will gain many followers if your content is genuine, and you are selling good products and services. You have to build trust among the audience and you will get good conversions from your Instagram page. We already told you how can you monetize your Instagram account,  how you can make money from Instagram and can use different methods to make money.

There are other social media platforms also you can use like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. where you can also earn.